What are the accepted audio formats?

The Stage Looper app supports a variety of audio formats to ensure compatibility and flexibility for users. These formats include WAV, AIFF, MP3, M4A, and CAF. Each of these formats serves different purposes and offers distinct advantages.

  1. WAV (Waveform Audio File Format)
  2. AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format)
  3. MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer III)
  4. M4A: This format, commonly associated with Apple devices, employs AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) compression to deliver high-quality audio in compact file sizes. Within Stage Looper, M4A files are internally converted and standardized for unified usage across the application. This conversion process ensures that regardless of the original file format, all audio files within Stage Looper are optimized for consistent performance and compatibility, enhancing the user experience.
  5. CAF (Core Audio Format)

By accepting these diverse formats, Stage Looper ensures that users can import and manipulate audio files seamlessly, regardless of their preferred format or the source of their audio content.

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